Sign-up for the Academic Year 2024 -2025

The choice of where your kids will study is important. “Azbuka” has as a main goal the preservation of the Bulgarian spirit, language, traditions and culture. With open doors we invite you to join us once again, or maybe for the first time, and we encourage you to sign-up for the next academic year 2024-2025.

Important Sign-Up Information!

BECCI and the Parental Council

With the enrolment of your kid(s) into the Bulgarian school, at least one of the parents is required to join the Bulgarian Educatitonal and Cultural Center in Ireland (BECCI). This is a requirement due to the PMC 90 regulations, but also as a way to increase transparaency in the way the school is run. 

The School Fees

The school fees have to be paid before the beginning of the new school year through bank transfer. The size of the school fees for the 2024/2025 academic year have not yet been set, but they will likely be similar to last year’s fees. Those were 240 euro for the academic year for 1 child, and 440 euro for 2 or more children for the school year. 

Signing-up again for the following academic year

As you sign-up for the following academic year, the enrollment for parents into the organization they had chosen prior happens automatically.

Are you ready for the 
next Academic Year?

We’ll be back on the 14th of September!

What exactly are our kids learning?

2024 – 2025

Academic Programs from the Ministry of Education

All the kids from 1st class until 12th class are educated following a strictly approved syllabus from the Ministry of Education.


At the end of the school year the students receive a certification for a completed class, equivalent to the same class through the Bulgarian Educational System.

Bulgarian Leaving Certifcate Preparation

From 10th to 12th class we prepare the students to be able to succeed in the Leaving Certificate Exam for the Bulgarian Language.

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