Bulgarian School “Azbuka”
in Dublin, Ireland

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15-Years “Azbuka” Bulgarian School

The Bulgarian School “Azbuka”, which takes place on most Saturdays (see the calendar for the school year here), is situated in Dublin, Ireland. “Azbuka” opened doors in 2008/2009 in its current format and it was formed from an initiative led by active members of the Bulgarian community. We wanted a place where our children could not only learn how to write, read, and talk in Bulgarian. We wanted a place where they could also learn about Bulgarian traditions and values. We wanted a place, where Bulgarian culture was felt throughout the entire organization and the community itself could get together while the kids are in school. This is why, as part of the Bulgarian School “Azbuka” there are also national folklore dance classes and multiple events throughout the year. 

Alongside the Bulgarian School “Azbuka”, the community organization “Bulgarian Educational and Cultural Center in Ireland” also known as BECCI was formed. In Bulgarian it’s known as BOKCI. The organization’s goal is to support the running of the Bulgarian school and the promotion of Bulgarian activities and education within the community.

The first Bulgarian school in Dublin, Ireland

“Azbuka” is a school, where we want everyone, who has the ambition and will to learn the Bulgarian language and to learn about Bulgarian traditions and celebrations to feel welcome. Our school is run by both parents and teachers in order to make sure that we get direct feedback from the community on how the kids are taught. It’s also run in this collaborative way to ensure transparency in the subjects and in the way the kids are being taught throughout the school year.

As a place where we educate kids from the ages of 4 all the way up to those who are studying for the Irish Leaving Certificate Examination on Bulgarian Language and Literature, we want every child to feel comfortable, safe, and have a fun space to learn and grow up. We understand very well the importance of remembering our roots and teach our kids exactly where they’ve come from. That’s why we put such an emphasis on the fact that kids don’t just study the Bulgarian language but also Geography, History and the Bulgarian traditions that go with being a Bulgarian. We ensure active participation at our events and encourage student participation as co-hosts during most of the extracurricular activities.

It’s important for the parents to know that the kids who finish their academic year with the Bulgarian school “Azbuka”, graduate from a licensed school, co-financed from the Ministry of Education in Bulgaria. At the end of the school year, on the national holiday of the 24th May the children receive a certification for the successfully completed academic year. This certificate is extremely important as it is equivalent to a completed year in the Bulgarian Educational System and should the child return to Bulgaria one day they will be able to continue in the subsequent academic year with ease.

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What Should I Pack?

  • Backpack
  • Notebooks
  • Pens and pencils
  • The willingness to learn and play with friends!
  • Creative ideas
  • To be ready to join the “horo”
  • Lunch from home
  • Smiles from ear-to-ear 🙂

“I would recommend the “Azbuka” school to every parent! The atmosphere is incredible, and the kids are extremely happy! The teachers are very caring, invested and careful with the kids! We’re coming back in September again! 👍

– Boyana Boeva


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