Azbuka – The Bulgarian school in Dublin

Azbuka – The Bulgarian school in Dublin

• Our school started at the beginning of the academic year 2008/2009. Subsequently we established The Bulgarian Educational and Cultural Centre in Ireland (BECCI) with the main purpose of supporting the Azbuka school’s function and stability and keep the traditions of the old school called “I am a Bulgarian child” that closed down in 2005.

• In the beginning the school worked with about 20 children from Bulgarian and mixed origin aged 3 to 12 and its teachers were all experts with higher pedagogical education completed.

• In 2009, Azbuka school took part in the project of the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science (BMES) called “Native Language and Culture Abroad” for the first time and was granted additional funds for its activities to the amount of 80% of its annual expenditure. This led to

- Tuition fees reduction

- Syllabus extension by the Bulgarian History subject inclusion.

• The folk dance club Rhythm was established by the Azbuka school a year ago.

• This school year 2010/2011 our school turned 3 years. We started with 57 children enrolled in five mixed classes. It was the beginning of Ekaterina Ilieva’s classes for children who speak Bulgarian as a second language in their families. We also formed Bulgarian and English language classes for adults taught by Mrs. Eli Boyadjieva – Associate Professor and lecturer in Bulgarian language at the Department of Slavic Studies at Trinity College in Dublin and Ms. Galina Georgieva – English language teacher at Trinity College in London.

We have an ambition to form senior student preparatory classes for the Leaving Certificate exam in Bulgarian language and literature in Ireland for the school year 2011/2012.

Structure of Education for the school year 2010/2011

  •   Children’s group (3-5 years)
  •   Preparatory group (5-6 years)
  •   Bulgarian language and literature for students from class I to VII in the national syllabus
  •   Bulgarian History for students from class I to VII in the national syllabus
  •   Mixed group “I study Bulgarian” – tailored program for children learning the Bulgarian language (5-9 years old and over 10 years)

The classes take place on Sunday at 10.30 am in the Lantern Centre building.

The students taught by the national syllabus have the opportunity to get certificates for completed educational level recognized in Bulgaria without further examinations.

Our successful results

International Literary Contest “Stefan Gechev” set by the Bulgarians Abroad Agency – 2009

First prize (6-10 years old) – Diana Panova (essay)

Encouraging prize (6-10 years old) – Stefan Doykov (essay), Maria Doykova (poem)


Drawing contest “Baba Marta” set by the Association “Bulgarian language – a language of Europe”, France – 2010

First Prize (6-9 years) – Alexander Heyud-Jones

With the participation of Samuel Heyud Jones

Successful Bulgarian Children Awards Project set by Dimitar Berbatov Foundation – 2009

Nomination – Diana Panova

Drawing contest “Christmas” set by the English School – 2008

The school children took part in the international drawing contest for Christmas themes and were awarded with diplomas

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